1 Hour Online Mentoring

1 Hour Online Mentoring


Have you ever wanted to sit down with someone over Skype or FaceTime with a cup of coffee in your hand (or maybe a donut..my fav!) and talk about your business and goals? To get feedback from someone who gets it. That’s exactly what this is! After our time together, I want you to walk away confident in your business and be able to put what we spoke about to practical use

Online mentoring can take place in the morning around 9/10am or later in the evening, around 8:30pm. Your 1 hour online mentoring can be one full hour or broken up into 2 thirty minute sessions with me.

After booking your mentoring session, you will complete a questionnaire so I am able to get to know you and your business better so I can help you with what YOU need help with. Mentoring sessions are completely up to you.. if you need help with session workflows, client experiences or anything business related, I am here to help.

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